The Story Behind StrangeBee

By and for Cybersecurity Experts

It all started with four cybersecurity experts working as part of the Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) at a major European financial institution ! As with any large company, their institution experienced an exponentially increasing number of security events and false positives in the recent years. As a result they struggled big time to find efficient tools in order to detect and manage all those security events!

Since speed of detection and response time are crucial, and oftentimes vital to the health of a business, they decided to create a dedicated open source solution :


Over time TheHive has become the global open source reference used by numerous companies worldwide. With constant improvements so has the amount of companies worldwide that have expressed a growing need for TheHive as well as our dedicated assistance, professional services, and new features.

Three co-creators of TheHive Project, Jérôme Leonard, Thomas Franco and Nabil Adouani, have decided to offer dedicated support as well as additional feature development to meet the growing demand from businesses and institutions.

This is how StrangeBee was born !

Beloved by Analysts from Organizations of All Sizes.

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